Wuzhou Sanhe Tianbaili Hardware Processing Co., Ltd.

In June 2022, Qiandao Machinery entered into a partnership with Wuzhou Sanhe Tianbaili Hardware Processing Co., Ltd., supplying them with the QD560 five-axis CNC tool grinding machine. Qiandao Machinery conducted preliminary research and accumulated technical expertise to customize the QD560 CNC tool grinding machine to meet the specific needs of Wuzhou Sanhe. The customized machine was a loading and unloading type, and from July to December, they delivered over 110 QD560 CNC tool grinding machines, with an average of over 20 five-axis tool grinding machines delivered each month. Wuzhou Sanhe Tianbaili Hardware Processing Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic manufacturer of woodworking tools, and their products are sold to many regions both domestically and internationally.

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