What are the dressing methods of the grinding wheel of the cylindrical grinder

In daily use of cylindrical grinders, the grinding wheel is an important component that determines the roughness of the surface,In general, the surface roughness of Ra0.4~0.8μm can only be ground on a common grinding machine with a grinding wheel that has only been trimmed with a diamond pen. In order to make the grinding surface meet the roughness requirements of Ra0.02~0.04μm, it is necessary to carry out two finishing and fine dressing on the grinding wheel. The trimming method can be one of the following two methods.

Grinding Wheel Dressing Method 1 for Cylindrical Grinding machine

1) Refined with a diamond pen, and then finely repaired with a whetstone

The grain size of the grinding wheel is generally 46#~80#. First, use a sharp single-grain diamond pen to finish the grinding wheel with a small and uniform feed rate, so as to trim more contour micro-edges on the abrasive grains of the grinding wheel. During finishing, the installation of the grinding wheel dresser should be correct and reasonable (see Figure 2), the feed rate should be controlled at 5 μm each time, and the longitudinal feed speed is recommended to be low. During the refining process, attention should be paid to the changes in the sound produced by the trimming. If there is a uniform rustling sound, it means that the trimming is normal; if the sound fluctuates from high to low or gradually becomes higher and lower, or even an abnormal beep, you should immediately check whether the workbench is crawling and whether the cooling is sufficient. Whether the pen is sharp, etc., and then make appropriate adjustments. After finishing with a diamond pen, finely trim with a whetstone (or sand bar) to trim more contoured micro-edges on the abrasive grains of the grinding wheel. The oilstone needs to be ground on a surface grinder. When finely repairing, the oil stone must be parallel to the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel, and the oil stone is in slight contact with the grinding wheel, and it can be moved longitudinally slowly for 2 to 3 times.


Grinding Wheel Dressing Method 2 for Cylindrical Grinding machine

2) Fine repair with diamond pen, and fine repair with grinding wheel after finishing car.

After finishing with the diamond pen, first use the mandrel whose grinding length is basically the same as the workpiece to adjust the taper, and then use the grinding wheel after the finish car for fine repair.

The grinding wheel for fine repair can be TL60# K ~ L, with a diameter of about 100mm. When finishing the grinding wheel, install the grinding wheel on the chuck, clamp the chuck on a self-centering mandrel, and then press it on the two tops of the precision lathe for rough and fine turning of the outer circle, so that the outer circle of the grinding wheel Round without deflection. Then put the finished grinding wheel on the two tops of the grinding machine to grind

Cut with a grinding wheel for fine repair.
During fine repair, the head frame drives the grinding wheel for dressing to rotate,
Choose low speed (about 80~100r/min), small feed rate (about 2pm for one reciprocation), and the reciprocating speed of the workbench should be lower than 0.3m/min. Need to make multiple reciprocating repairs. The rotation direction of the dressing wheel and the dressing wheel should be
The same, that is, the linear velocity directions of the two contact points are opposite. The coolant should be sufficient to wash away floating sand and prevent grinding
When the floating sand remaining on the grinding wheel roughens the surface of the workpiece.
After the grinding wheel has been finely and finely dressed, you can use your fingers to gently approach the working surface of the grinding wheel along the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel and move it longitudinally. If the hand feels smooth and smooth like touching the mirror surface, it means that the grinding wheel is well dressed; Use a paint brush with 2/3 bristles to gently brush off the floating sand on the surface of the grinding wheel.

Through the dressing of the grinding wheel, the precision of cylindrical grinding can be effectively improved. Ensure that the cylindrical grinder is ground to the desired accuracy range.

The more common cylindrical grinding machines in Qiao Dao machinery are: GD-5020 CNC cylindrical grinding machine, GD-5020A/B Cylindrical Grinding Machine, GD-3080A Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine

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