The Shenzhen exhibition has successfully concluded!

From November 27th to November 30th, 2023, Dongguan Qian Dao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully concluded its participation in the Shenzhen Greater Bay Area Industrial Exhibition in China. The four-day exhibition attracted top enterprises from the domestic and international industrial sectors, along with numerous professional attendees. During this exhibition, we showcased three CNC grinding machine equipment models: QD560 5 axis cnc tool grinder, QD680, and QD260, drawing a large number of visitors for discussions and exchanges.

This exhibition brought together companies from around the world, showcasing a variety of advanced equipment and diverse tools. Participating enterprises used various presentations, demonstrations, and speeches to showcase their latest innovations and technologies to the visitors.

The successful hosting of the exhibition is attributed to the meticulous planning and coordination by the organizers, as well as the enthusiastic participation of participating companies and visitors. In addition, the support from the government and industry associations played a positive and facilitating role. Through this exhibition, we introduced different types of equipment to the attending audience and actively engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges with them on technical issues. This exhibition has enabled us to move from online to offline with domestic and foreign customers, receiving many positive feedback. Not only has it strengthened our relationship with existing customers, but we have also met new partners and established cooperative relationships.This exhibition not only brought business opportunities to the grinding machine industry but also provided participants with opportunities for learning and development.

As the exhibition comes to a successful conclusion, we have not only witnessed the latest advancements in industry technology but also felt the participants’ passion for the industry and the power of innovation. This exhibition is not just a commercial event; it is also a platform that promotes industry development and collaboration. The successful hosting of the exhibition has paved the way for the industry’s future, enabling us to better meet the growing market demands, create more opportunities, and drive industry progress.

We express gratitude to our friends who attended this event and look forward to seeing you all again in the future!


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