GD-X6 CNC Grinding Wheel Dresser

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System Overview
GD-X6 is a five-axis CNC grinding wheel dresser, which is specially used for precision shape dressing of diamond or CBN grinding wheel used in CNC grinding machine.
It can work on the inner side surface, outer peripheral surface, outer side surface, angle surface and arc of the grinding wheel into consistent dimensions in a stable and reliable manner.

GD-X6 is equipped with a standard video measuring system with measuring and saving functions. As standard, it is configured with a variable-magnification lens, which, along with the camera, is protected by a transparent acrylic cover. If requested by customers for special working conditions, special lens and higher-resolution cameras can be optionally configured as needed.
The spindle of the diamond or CBN grinding wheel to be dressed is installed on a cross-shaped slide table. During the dressing, straight lines and arcs can be drawn on the software interface, or the drawings in .dxf format can be imported to the measurement software for comparison, or the deviation of the dimensions of grinding wheel after dressing from the theoretical curve can be measured.
The measurement software can preset some common grinding wheel graphics, which can be called and edited.
After tool setting with the measurement software, SIC grinding wheel parts rotate automatically, feed back and forth, feed in automatically and correct automatically by numerical control. The rotation servo angle of C axis and feed servo position of Z axis of SIC grinding wheel are both displayed on the numerical control system.
Dressing mode: auto mode combined with manual mode.
The dresser is equipped with a sealed hood and can work in a dry, water mist or wet condition. The thickened hood sheet metal and 10 mm thick acrylic arc door make this machine meet the requirements for functionality, safety and environmental protection.
It is also equipped with a suction inlet and grinding fluid return port, and optionally configured with a dust collector and grinding fluid filter.

Spindle of grinding wheel to be dressedBT40 interface spindle as standard, or customer interface spindle as optional.
Dressing modeDry, water mist or wet
Dust collector and grinding fluid filterOptional
Power supply voltageThree-phase 380 V/50 Hz
Power3 kVA
Maximum diameter of grinding wheel to be dressedФ300 mm (can be customized if the diameter is greater than this)
Minimum diameter of grinding wheel to be dressedФ30 mm (can be customized if the diameter is smaller than this)
Maximum width of grinding wheel to be dressed40 mm (can be customized if the width is greater than this)
Speed of grinding wheel to be dressed50-1000 rpm (stepless speed change)
Displacement of grinding wheel to be dressed along X axis135 mm (which can be increased to 300 mm by moving the base of grinding wheel spindle)
Displacement of grinding wheel to be dressed along Y axis100 mm
Outside diameter * thickness * inside diameter of grinding wheel (SiC)Ф200 x 10 x Ø31.75 mm
Speed of grinding wheel (SiC)Max 2,800 rpm (stepless speed change)
Number of swings of grinding wheel (SiC)0-60Hz (stepless speed change)
Length of swing of grinding wheel (SiC)0-50 mm (adjustable)
Resolution of numerical control axis0.001 mm/0.01°
CCD and lensAs standard
Upper lightLED
Computer host and LCDOne set
Computer measurement systemOne set
Enlargement ratio20-100 as standard
Measurement functionIt can enlarge the real image and CAD drawing in step for visual line pressing comparison
Data displayThe position of the grinding wheel to be dressed read on the grating scale can be displayed on the measurement software

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