GD-PL24AXL Jet tool passivation polishing machine

Product details

The particles are made of highly elastic polymer synthetic materials and then coated with a Layers of diamond micropowder are used to make elastic polishing abrasives. The elastic abrasive is accelerated and sprayed by compressed air After reaching the surface of the workpiece, the abrasive stretches and slides on the surface of the workpiece to produce friction.
Polishing effect. This polishing method has good processing uniformity and the removal amount of single particles is extremely small.
It is very suitable for ultra-fine surface polishing of various special-shaped workpieces. Equipment in polishing process At this time, the workpiece can rotate and the nozzle can move up and down to achieve uniform processing of the workpiece. According to the product Depending on the product, the processing injection pressure, rotation speed, polishing time, and spray gun position can all be modified.
Adjustment. Equipped with 24 workstations, two workstations can be processed at the same time, achieving continuous and efficient processing.

Product application areas
Used for various carbide cutting tools, drill bits, reamers, boring tools, taps and other cutting tools
Edge passivation and polishing of cutting tools.

The role of passivation polishing
◆Remove micro cracks on the cutting edge of the tool;
◆ Improve edge strength;
◆ Reduce the surface roughness of the tool;
◆ Convenient for dust removal;
◆ Improve cutting edge sticking;
◆ Improve coating bonding strength;
◆ Increase tool service life;
◆ Improve the smoothness of processed products


Maximum stroke of spray gun (MM): 220
Workpiece rotation speed (RPM): 0~100
Sand production volume (KG/min): 8~16
Maximum air consumption (m3/min): 3.8
Intake pressure (MP): 0.5
Power requirements: single phase 220V 5KW
The minimum sand loading capacity of the equipment at one time: 4KG
Fastest feeding cycle (seconds/piece): 5
Maximum diameter of automatic feeding (MM): 10
Maximum length of automatic feeding (MM): 100
Overall dimensions (approximately: length × width × height) 1700 × 1200 × 2400 (MM)
Equipment weight (approximately) 600Kg

1. Processing stations: 24.
2. Spray guns: 4 pieces
3. 6-axis modular manipulator
4. Polishing sand: 9KG (model optional)
5. Tool chuck: D2MM, D3MM, D4MM, D6MM, D8MM, D10MM,
D12MM, 14MM, D16MM, D18MM, D20MM (25 pcs each)
6. Spray gun servo lifting system: 1 set
7. Pressure control system: 2 SMC electrical proportional valves
8. Electronic control system: PLC+touch screen control system
9. Spray gun servo lifting system (stroke 320mm)
10. Electronic control system: PLC + touch screen control system
11.Powerful magnet filter device
12.Dust filter device
13.Air source filter device

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· The factory area exceeds 6000 square meters.

· The product models are complete, with a wide range of functions.

· More than 15 years of experience in design, research and development, and production of grinding machines.

· ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

· It has an efficient after-sales service team.


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