GD-5020 CNC cylindrical grinding machine

Product details

GD-5020 CNC cylindrical grinding machine is mainly used for high-efficiency grinding of various large-volume product parts. It can cut into several cylindrical surfaces and several shoulder surfaces of the grinding step shaft at the same time. The machine tool is equipped with cylindrical Active dynamic measuring instrument, the direction of the processed parts is determined and reliable, which can ensure the consistency of the dimension after zero machining, and the dimensional accuracy is stable and reliable. Surface roughness of machined parts: outer circle “Ra0.4” and “end face” Ra0.8.
GD-5020 CNC cylindrical grinding machine control system adopts imported communication to support a fully closed loop system. The axis (X axis) of the faulty wheel frame can ensure high repositioning accuracy. The guide wheel, X-axis and Z-axis rods are driven by AC servo motors with ball sub-rods. According to the user’s special order, it can also be equipped with automatic balance installation of grinding wheel and installation of air elimination and impact protection.

Technical parametersUnitGD-5020 CNC
O.D grinding lenthmm500
O.D grinding rangemmΦ8~200
Center heightmm135
Maximum workpiece weight between topsmm50Kg
Feed speed of grinding wheel frame (X axis)mm/min0.05~4000
Table moving speed (Z axis)mm/min0.1~4000
CNC axis minimum resolutionmm0.001
Grinding wheel sizemmMax 400 x 50 x 203 mm Min280 x 50 x 203mm
Maximum grinding wheel speedm/s35
Spindle speedr/min1660
Motor total powerKW9.22
Grinding wheel frame motorKW4
Head frame motorKW0.75
Wheelhead feed servo motorKW1.8
Table moving servo motorKW1.8
Oil pump motorKW0.75
Cooling pump motorKW0.12
Workpiece speed:stepless speed regulation
Spindle taper holeMT No. 4
Sleeve taper hole MohsMT No. 4
Socket movementmm30
The maximum rotation angle of the table-clockwise 3°
The maximum rotation angle of the table-Counterclockwise
Machine Tool Dimensionsmm2000 (2750) × 1450 × 1800
Machine weightKG2500

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· The factory area exceeds 6000 square meters.

· The product models are complete, with a wide range of functions.

· More than 15 years of experience in design, research and development, and production of grinding machines.

· ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

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