GD-420 automatic milling cutter sharpening machine

Product details

GD-420 automatic milling cutter sharpener, through program control, can quickly grind 2/3/4-edge milling cutters with a diameter of 4-20mm. After the clamping is completed, the milling cutter automatically sets the tool and completes the grinding of the tool edge and end face in one go. Suitable for large-volume repair of milling cutters such as CNC machining centers. After grinding, the milling cutter can be put into CNC processing production, which greatly extends the service life of the milling cutter and reduces the cost of tool use.

Product parameters:

Product model :GD-420 automatic milling cutter sharpening machine
Suitable for grinding milling cutter diameter: 4-20mm
Suitable for grinding milling cutters with: 2/3/4 edges
Product power: 1.5kw
Grinding wheel :3500-5000rpm
Grinding wheel specification: 125x10x32mm
Knife sharpening efficiency: 1-2 minutes/knife
Production capacity per shift :200-300
Product size: 580x365x680mm
Product weight: 45KG


Why choose us

· The factory area exceeds 6000 square meters.

· The product models are complete, with a wide range of functions.

· More than 15 years of experience in design, research and development, and production of grinding machines.

· ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

· It has an efficient after-sales service team.


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