GD-12S High precision centerless grinder machine

The base of the centerless grinding machine is made of high-gradecast iron (F30), which has been heat-treated to ensure no thermaldeformation after long-term use. The design of double V-shaped sliderails has been precision scraped to ensure long-term accuracy.

The direct-connected drive motor reduces the number of transmissionlinks and ensures the rotation accuracy of the adjustment wheel.

Product details

High precision centerless grinder GD-12S
The main shaft is a three-support structure of bearing pads, and the original Jianchang main shaft in Taiwan has a runout of less than 0.002mm. The infinitely variable speed guide wheel structure can adjust the appropriate feeding speed according to the diameter and length of the workpiece to ensure the roughness of the workpiece.

Processing range (diameter)Mm0.5-40
Grinding wheel size (outer diameter*width*inner diameter)MmΦ305*150*Φ120
Adjust wheel size (outer diameter*width*inner diameter)MmΦ205*150*Φ90
Grinding wheel speedRPM1950
Adjust wheel speed (infinitely variable speed)RPM0-320
Wheel drive motorKW5.5
Adjustment wheel motor (servo motor)KW2
Hydraulic pump drive motorKW0.75
cooling pump drive motorKW0.125
Adjusting wheel feed hand wheelMm3.5/circle  0.02/scale
Adjustment Wheel Fine Adjustment Hand WheelMm0.1/circle  0.001/scale
Table feed hand wheelMm7/circle  0.05/scale
Workbench fine adjustment hand wheelMm0.2/circle  0.001/scale
Trim feed handwheelMm1.5/circle  0.01/scale
Adjust wheel tilt angleDeg+5°~-3°
Adjust wheel rotation angleDeg±6°
Mechanical DimensionsMm1800×1400×1450mm
Packing sizeMm2350×1650×1770mm
Mechanical WeightKg1800
Packing WeightKg2000


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Why choose us

· The factory area exceeds 6000 square meters.

· The product models are complete, with a wide range of functions.

· More than 15 years of experience in design, research and development, and production of grinding machines.

· ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

· It has an efficient after-sales service team.


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