Centerless grinding machine

What is centerless grinder?

A centerless grinder is a machine used in the manufacturing industry to grind cylindrical parts without the use of centers (or chucks). It operates by holding the workpiece between two rotary grinding wheels, one being the grinding wheel and the other the regulating wheel. The grinding wheel removes material from the workpiece by rotating at high speeds, while the regulating wheel controls the speed and feed of the workpiece. The centerless grinder is commonly used for grinding small to medium-sized cylindrical parts with high precision and efficiency.

We provide you with various types of precision centerless grinding machines and CNC centerless grinding machines. It is suitable for passing through grinding of round rods, passing through of short round workpieces, multi-stage forming grinding, stop grinding of taper, stop grinding of attached head workpieces, etc. We can also provide you with centerless grinding machine grinding solutions, tailor-made centerless grinding machine grinding solutions for automatic feeding and automatic processing according to your workpiece drawings, to help you reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.


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