How to use GD-314 grinder to grind milling cutters

GD-314 end mill grinder can quickly grind double blades(grinding double blades requires higher manual technology), three blades, four blades, six blades universal end milling cutter of hard alloy and quick-cutting steel.

First, confirm the diameter of the milling cutter shank to select the appropriate collet chuck. And confirm the number of cutting edges of the milling cutter and select the corresponding equant circle..

Insert the collet chuck into the external fixture at 45°. Insert the milling cutter into the collet chuck, rotate the thread, and do not tighten it for the time being.Select the fixture equant circle, and select 4 equal circles for double and four blades milling cutter, 6 equal circles for three and six blades milling cutter, and set them on the inner fixture and lock them with set screws


Twist I-shaped feeler block in the figure up, push the fixture set down along the holes of emendation set until it reaches the bottom. Twist I-shaped feeler block down, adjust to the appropriate cutter positioning height with the spiral blade of the milling cutter. Rotate milling cutter to right, appress the spiral blade on the side of milling cutter to the surface of I-shaped feeler block for cutter positioning. Appress clamping position of equant circle on fixture and the clamping position of emendation set for positioning. Rotate the external fixture to right until it reaches the bottom. When taking it out, you need to hold the inner fixture and rotate to left lightly.

GD-314 Suitable for straight shank milling cutter, with accurate and fast grinding, the operation is simple and it is easy to grind without skill

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