How to maintain the surface grinder

When we operate the surface grinder on a daily basis, we need to maintain the surface grinder on an irregular basis to extend its service life and maintain good working condition

External maintenance of surface grinding machine

1, clean appearance, each cover inside and outside clean, no yellow robe, dead corners;

2, check the external fastening of other parts, complete the external missing parts;

3. The exposed precision surface such as the working table has no hairiness and rust;

4, remove the column guide rail protection plate, scrub clean.

 surface grinding machine grinding head maintenance

Open the cover of the grinding wheel holder, check the motor and fasteners and scrub them clean.

Hydraulic lubrication of surface grinding machine

1. Check the working condition of the hydraulic system and the firm condition of the tubing, and adjust it if necessary;

2, clean the filter;

3. Oil quality meets the requirements;

4, the oil circuit is smooth, the oil window is eye-catching;

5, lubrication device complete, clean, easy to use.

Surface Grinder Machine

surface grinding machine cooling

1, clean the filter;

2, coolant pool no precipitation no debris;

3. The pipeline is smooth, neat and fixed.


Clean, neat and rust resistant.

surface grinding machine electrical maintenance

1, cleaning, inspection;

2, the electrical device fixed neatly, reliable action;

3. The electromagnetic sucker is sensitive and reliable.

Important note: The above suggestions are for reference only. Please perform maintenance operations according to the operation manual and maintenance manual of the specific model and manufacturer. Be sure to turn off and disconnect the power to the grinder before performing any maintenance tasks to ensure safety.

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