How to maintain an end mill grinder

The daily maintenance of CNC end mill grinding machine is a very important part of the lathe, because only by doing this work can we extend the service life of  end mill grinder and reduce the occurrence of failures. Below, Xiaobian will explain the content contained in its daily maintenance work, in order to let everyone understand how to correctly carry out this work.

The daily maintenance of CNC end mill grinding machine is divided into three parts before, during and after class, and the specific content is:

(1) Check the machine according to the requirements of daily check before the shift, if there is any problem, and then wipe the guide rail, and lubricated the machine accordingly.

Check the amount of oil in the oil cup and the oil window, whether the amount of oil is sufficient, whether the oil level is within the specified range, and the insufficient amount of oil should be replenished in time. In addition, check whether the oil has deteriorated, if any, it should be replaced in time.

Before driving, let the machine run at a low speed for 2 to 3 minutes, carry out horizontal and vertical cutting test, and check whether the operation of each transmission part is normal.

(2) There is no abnormal operation of the machine in the class, whether the instrument is normal, and whether the lubrication of the machine is good, if there is a problem, it should be solved in time, and the machine is strictly prohibited to work with illness.

(3) After work, the debris such as iron cutting should be cleaned, and the various parts of the machine should be wiped clean, and the tools and measuring tools used should also be wiped clean. b. Lubricate the machine so that the machine has good lubrication.

The above article is for reference only, the specific maintenance of each machine maintenance book

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