Dongguan Tuou Precision Diamond Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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In June 2022, QianDao Company reached a cooperation agreement with Dongguan Tuoou Precision Diamond Metal Products Co., Ltd. to provide several sets of QD560 CNC tool grinding machines to customers. As an old customer of Qian Dao Machinery, Tuoou has maintained close cooperation and communication with Qian Dao since its transformation into a main business of CNC tool grinding machines, from the old CNC tool grinding machines such as Q5 and X5 to the newly developed QD560 CNC tool grinding machines. The company’s products have won customers’ trust with high cost performance, first-class service, and excellent quality. Dongguan Tuoou Precision Diamond Metal Products Co., Ltd. witnessed Qian Dao Machinery’s rapid development over the past five years.

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