Comprehensive Overview of Internal and Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Internal and cylindrical grinding machines are essential tools in the field of precision grinding. These machines are used to shape and finish various types of workpieces with high accuracy and precision. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of internal and cylindrical grinding machines, their functions, and their applications in the manufacturing industry. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, this guide will provide you with valuable insights into the world of grinding machines.

What is Internal Grinding?

Internal grinding is a machining process that involves the removal of material from the inside of a workpiece using a grinding wheel. This process is used to create smooth and precise internal surfaces, such as bores and holes, with high dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Internal grinding machines are specifically designed for this purpose and are equipped with specialized grinding wheels and fixtures to hold and rotate the workpiece. The grinding wheel is fed into the workpiece to remove material and create the desired shape and size. Internal grinding is commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical, where tight tolerances and smooth surface finishes are required.

Types of internal grinder machine

There are several types of cnc internal grinder, each designed for specific applications and requirements. The most common types include:

1. Planetary internal grinder: This machine uses a planetary motion to grind the internal surface of the workpiece. It is commonly used for grinding large bores and holes.

2. Centerless internal grinder: In this type of machine, the workpiece is supported between a regulating wheel and a grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is fed into the workpiece to remove material, while the regulating wheel controls the rotational speed and feed rate.

3. Vertical internal grinder: This machine has a vertical spindle that allows for grinding the internal surface of cylindrical workpieces. It is commonly used for grinding large bores and holes.

4. Horizontal internal grinder: This machine has a horizontal spindle that allows for grinding the internal surface of cylindrical workpieces. It is commonly used for grinding small bores and holes.

Each type of internal grinding machine has its own advantages and limitations, depending on the specific application. It is important to choose the right type of machine based on the desired results and requirements.

Applications of Internal Grinding Machines

Internal grinding machines have a wide range of applications in various industries. Some common applications include:

1. Precision machining: Internal grinding machines are often used for precision machining of small and intricate parts. They can achieve high levels of accuracy and surface finish, making them ideal for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical.

2. Die and mold manufacturing: Internal grinding machines are commonly used in die and mold manufacturing to achieve precise dimensions and surface finish on complex shapes. They can be used to grind internal features of molds, dies, and other tooling components.

3. Bearing manufacturing: Internal grinding machines are widely used in the bearing manufacturing industry to grind the internal surfaces of bearing rings. This ensures precise dimensions and smooth surfaces, which are critical for the performance and longevity of bearings.

4. Tool and cutter grinding: Internal grinding machines can be used for sharpening and regrinding various types of cutting tools, such as drills, end mills, and reamers. They can restore the sharpness and accuracy of the cutting edges, prolonging the tool’s lifespan.

5. Gear manufacturing: Internal grinding machines are used in gear manufacturing to grind the internal surfaces of gear teeth. This ensures proper meshing and smooth operation of gears, which is crucial for the performance and efficiency of gear systems.


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