Chengdu Yibai Technology Co., Ltd.

In December 2022, Chengdu Yibai Technology Co., Ltd. purchased 30 sets of Qiandao’s star product QD560 CNC tool grinders. After effective validation through phased delivery and use, Chengdu Yibai Technology Co., Ltd. reached a new purchasing contract with Qiandao in March 2023, adding another 30 orders of five-axis CNC tool grinders. Yibai Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, and retail of hard alloy cutting tools, diamond cutting tools, metal cutting, and other tools. Its products are widely used in metal cutting, furniture manufacturing, aluminum alloy doors and windows, decorative engineering, and other fields. Its partners are located in 68 countries across three continents around the world.


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