5 common problems with surface grinders

Surface grinding machines is a common processing equipment, mainly used for precision grinding of workpiece surface. It uses surface grinding technology to rotate and grind the surface of the workpiece at high speed through the grinding wheel, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the precision, smoothness and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece。the following grinding machine problems are what we need to know

What is the working principle of the surface grinder?

The surface grinder uses a rotating wheel with abrasives for surface grinding of the workpiece to achieve precise flatness and dimensions. In the process of operation, the workpiece is clamped on the workbench and then moved to the bottom of the grinding wheel. Due to the high-speed rotation and horizontal movement of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel grinds the surface of the workpiece with the abrasive, and then realizes the purpose of the plane processing of the workpiece.

Surface Grinder Machine

What are the main parts and components of the surface grinder?

The surface grinding machine includes a host machine, workbench, grinding wheel, grinding wheel spindle, guide rail, control system and other components and components. Among them, the main engine is mainly composed of fuselage, load plate, internal transmission device and electrical equipment; The workbench is composed of the base of the workbench, the panel of the workbench and the transverse and rotating mechanism of the workbench. Grinding wheel and grinding wheel spindle are responsible for providing grinding force and grinding effect; The guide rail ensures the stability and accuracy of the machine. The control system is responsible for the adjustment of various parameters and the automatic control of the machine.

How to choose the right grinding wheel to ensure grinding quality?

The choice of grinding wheel needs to consider a variety of factors, including material, particle size, softness and hardness, structure, etc. Generally speaking, for harder workpieces, softer grinding wheels can be used; For thin workpieces, fine-grained grinding wheels should be selected; For the workpiece with higher surface finish requirements, the grinding wheel with tight structure and uniform particles should be selected. Specific also need to be considered according to the workpiece material, shape and size and other parameters.

How to measure the accuracy and surface finish of a surface grinder?

The accuracy of surface grinding machine is usually measured by measuring tools, such as micrometer, vernier caliper, projector, etc. Surface finish is measured using a surface roughness tester or microscope. In the actual operation process, it is necessary to measure according to the processing requirements and workpiece characteristics, and adjust and improve according to the measurement results.

What safety matters should be paid attention to in the use of surface grinding machine?

The surface grinder needs to strictly comply with the relevant safety regulations when in use, such as maintaining the distance between the machine and the surrounding environment, wearing protective devices, avoiding overload and speeding. At the same time, it is also necessary to control the grinding temperature to prevent fire; Ensure that the operator is familiar with the machine and grinding process, and do maintenance work to ensure the service life and safety of the machine

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